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Connecting Robotic Technologies with a dynamic agri-food network of DIHs

All the applications of European agrobots in one place

Discover the modern agrobod landscape

Our VISION is to create a future where agri-food production networks will be flexible, responsive & transparent.

Modern farm owners and land workers will be able to provide high-quality and healthy products and services for everyone and preserve biodiversity.

agROBOfood brings together Digital Innovation Hubs, SMEs, Policy makers and farmers to work together towards a shared vision; the digitisation of European agriculture.

The network gathers a European-wide group of experts with the aim to move robotic agricultural technologies out of the lab and into the field.

Focused on Agtech robotic innovation, the services of the agROBOfood network are deployed in 3 different levels; Ecosystem support, Scale Up services and Digital Agronomy.

Ecosystem Support

Service Box offered to Digital Innovation Hubs

Offered primarily to the Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs) of the network, Ecosystem Support helps DIHs to optimize the process of delivering value to the market. This means that the network feeds DIHs with the necessary resources, knowledge and expertise so that they can, in turn, serve their (regional) companies.

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Scale Up Services

DIHs help SMEs achieve business growth

When an SME wants to Scale up its processes, it can contact an agROBOfood DIH and request the provision of specialised services. This means that the DIHs of the network can provide support and guidance to the companies to remove any bottlenecks they face, understand and analyse market trends and suggest measures that will ensure a smooth-running business operation.

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Digital Agronomy

Guide and support farmers to use robotic solutions

Certainly no one can replace a farmer’s experience on the field. However, when it comes to maximising profit and minimising the environmental footprint, then the Digital Agronomy service provided by SMEs and Businesses connected to the agROBOfood network can guide & support farmers and farmers’ associations in implementing agricultural robotic solutions based on their needs.

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Becoming a member of agROBOfood

Joining the agROBOfood network offers many benefits crucial for anyone invested in these sectors. Either a Digital Innovation Hub, Competence Center or an SME, Company as a member of the agROBOfood you gain access to a collaborative network of industry leaders, researchers, and innovators across Europe. This connection fosters opportunities for joint projects, knowledge exchange, and access to research and technological advancements.

Whether you seek visibility within the sector, enhancing a company's profile and credibility through the public site of agROBOfood or wish to expand market reach, stay ahead of industry trends, or participate in impactful research initiatives through the members only portal, joining agROBOfood empowers members to actively shape the future of agriculture and food innovation in Europe.

Innovation Fields

agROBOfood combines expertise in various innovation fields to help create a modern agricultural landscape that is all-inclusive and encompassing.

Using robots in agriculture makes many tasks simpler, faster, and more effective. Driverless tractors, drones for crop monitoring and data collection, autonomous precision seedings, automated irrigation and harvesting systems, as well as milking dairy herds are some of the commonly used agricultural robots used for farming, crop, soil management, and livestock production. The applications are numerous, but the network focuses on the following:

Innovation-field Image
Innovation-field Image
Food processing
Innovation-field Image
Greenhouse crops
Innovation-field Image
Arable, Horticultural Crops & Pastureland farming
Innovation-field Image
Livestock & Aquaculture
Innovation-field Image
Logistics Transport & Retail

Technology Fields

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Data Processing & Infrastructure
Innovation-field Image
Data Interpretation & Visualisation
Innovation-field Image
Innovation-field Image
ELSA and Business Modelling
Innovation-field Image
Robot Navigation & Co-operation
Innovation-field Image
Robotic Manipulation & Handling

Knowledge is power.

With agROBOfood provides access to knowledge in various technology fields regarding agriculture and connects companies with experts in specialised fields such as Big Data, AI, Data interpretation, etc.

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The digital transformation and robotization benefits all actors of the agri-food sector and we're proud to see positive results from our end-users.

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The agROBOfood project has been instrumental in the recent development of our grain storage managing and monitoring system


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It was a great experience to be able to reach and support SMEs with the robust agROBOfood ecosystem. We managed to expand our portfolio of services with great success.

- DIH (anonymous)

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By joining the agROBOfood network we had the opportunity to gain greater visibility and build strong relationships with SMEs that, in our view, will be the key players in the digitalisation of the agrifood sector.

- DIH (anonymous)

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