Recap of 1st agROBOfood Digital Week

An exciting week has ended, so here is our recap of the first ever agROBOfood Digital Week!

During the whole week we have had the chance to share with the people that joined us various outcomes! We have shared: the lessons we have learnt during the first year of agROBOfood; the experiences that we have gained, the outlook of our ecosystem and how and to what lenght we have managed to grow it; the services that are available to our stakeholders; the development of our Innovation Experiments; how we used communication to reach out to our ecosystem; the trainings that we have in place for our ecosystem and finally; some important outcomes from our Regional Clusters!

We want to thank all the participants that joined us throughout the week and made all our sessions livlier with their remarks, comments and questions!

All presentations from day 1 (D1) to day 5 (D5) are available in the links below, either for browsing through or for downloading or you can opt for the videos!

  • agROBOfood project: An Update (D1)

  • ROS Agriculture (D1)

  • Best practices in Developing Open Platform for Agri-food Robotics (D1)

  • agROBOfood Day 1

  • agROBOfood Day 2

  • Innovation Experiments: An introduction (D3)

  • IIE1: Soil Nitrogen Monitoring and Mapping (D3)

  • IIE2: Robotic Olfactometry for Detecting and Controlling Ochratoxins in maize (D3)

  • IIE3: Monitoring Vineyards by Robots (D3)

  • IIE5: Cucumber Leaf Harvesting Robot (D3)

  • IIE6: Agricultural Robot Performance Assesment (D3)

  • agROBOfood Day 3

  • Communication challenges, leassons learnt and the way forwad! (D4)

  • Training and education within agROBOfood ecosystem (D4)

  • agROBOfood Day 4

  • Finding agROBOfood Services and Network Activities (D5)

  • Central Northern Europe (D5)

  • Central Eastern Europe (D5)

  • East Mediterranean (D5)

  • Iberia (D5)

  • agROBOfood Day 5

  • agROBOfood Day 5

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