Pitch your Robot...Find your Investor!

Are you an SME building a robot for the agri-food sector? Are you looking for funding? Then you should join agROBOfood’s two-day pitching event on the 10th and 11th of February!

The background

agROBOfood, recognizing the importance of robotic technologies, aims to build a pan European ecosystem that will further foster their adoption by the agri-food sector. With a declining population of 2 billion workers in agri-food worldwide, doing short cycle repetitive tasks, robotics in agri-food can become one of the key enablers to feed the urban societies in the future. Robotics play a crucial role in producing more with less, through the use of sensing, connectivity and decision making. At the same time the production process adds value to the final product for the consumer, either plant or animal, while enhancing its nutritional characteristics as well.

The Open Calls

Recognizing the need to provide greater access to finance for robotic initiatives to achieve those goals, agROBOfood launched in 2019 the mechanism of Open Calls (€8M budget). Through those financial support is provided to SMEs, already active in the sector. The first Open Call for Innovation Experiments received more than 100 applications, with just 6 of them being funded.

Pitch your Robot

Taking into consideration the momentum gained through the Open Calls, agROBOfood furthers its’ efforts and is now preparing a matchmaking event to connect various initiatives with public and private investors! SMEs already developing a robotic solution will have the opportunity to “Pitch their robot” and acquire funding to further their work, in a two-day online event that will take place on the 10th and 11th of February 2021!

The link for registration will take you to the Eventbrite page where you can register for the event and then you will receive the Manual explaining the application process for both Investors and Pitchers! The sooner you register and provide us with the information needed, the more time we will have to enhance the matchmaking process!

For Pitchers the deadline for registration is January 25th, and the deadline for the submission of all documents is January 31st! The form can be modified multiple times during the process up until the final deadline.