agROBOfood Call for Evaluators

agROBOfood takes on the challenge of bridging the gap between the need to increase food production to satisfy global needs and the availability of farmland and human labour by using robotic technologies! The agROBOfood consortium builds upon an existing network and ecosystem and aims to use the mechanism of Open Calls to provide financial support to third parties, as a mechanism that will accelerate network expansion driven by the robotics community and the European agri-food sector.

Within that framework we are looking for evaluators, who are able to assess the quality of the proposals shortly after the closing of the first call (May 31st, 2020). The evaluators should be recognized experts in the fields of science, industry and innovation; have experience in one or more of the agri-food, robotics and business development fields; and have prior experience in evaluating EC proposals or similar experience.

If you are interested in joining agROBOfood as an evaluator you can find more information here!!

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